About us

Success involves making change happen.  Yet on average 70% of change initiatives fail. We increase your success rate in changes like:

  • acquisitions
  • restructuring
  • new technology introduction.

For god’s sake don’t ‘spend and hope’.  We have a different approach that saves you stress, time and money.

Our database analyses 20 years of change initiatives
Our database compares your project with 20 years of change initiatives

We use surveys to:

  • ‘stress test’ and optimise a management team’s strategy for a major change before serious investment
  • ‘hold up the mirror’ to an ongoing change programme.

We use surveys of the organisation because it is fast and accurate and cuts through any over-optimism bias.

The outcomes from our work are:

  • a realistic expectation of benefits to be actually delivered under current conditions
  • specific, surgically targeted actions to increase benefits
  • a customised change toolkit managers can rely on for the specific change they face