The 3 biggest change management questions

The three questions we get asked most often are:

  1. Will this project deliver the benefits in the business case?
  2. What do we do on this project to get the people aspects right?
  3. How can I put a financial value against change management activity and justify spend?

We answer the first using our due diligence surveys where we can benchmark any change initiative against a large at database of successful and unsuccessful initiatives.
You can use our free toolkit to answer the second; you may want to engage us for additional support in complex change initiatives.

Answering the third question requires a re-framing – surveys repeatedly show that 70% of change initiatives fail to deliver planned benefits. So a ‘baseline business case’ should show achievement of 30% of planned benefits (with average change management). The return on investment in change management can then be determined by working out the impact on success probability of any particular action. Our database and analytical tools can help you.