Typical project

The client asks us to stress test their change management strategy for an ERP implementation in order to confirm the investment business case is realistic.

We talk through with the client:

  • the target benefits and how they’ve been estimated
  • the behaviour change required
  • where they are in the process to date and what has been communicated
  • their approach to change management

We develop and execute a survey across a ‘diagonal slice’ of people impacted by the project to confirm the context for change and test the readiness for change within each major group of people.

We use the survey findings and our database of previous projects to develop traffic light analyses of the benefits to be delivered and the change management risks in each community.  We develop an overall investor view of likely benefit achievement.

We also highlight any areas where there is apparent planned over-investment in change management – i.e. where resources can be diverted to address higher risk areas.

We propose targeted adjustments to the change management plan and make a business case for any investment required.

The cost of a project like this is typically £9,000 to complete the steps above to get to our report.  Should time be needed to go through a series of stakeholder discussions about our recommendations in order to get buy in to adjustment, we charge standard day rates.